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We offer a comprehensive range of services, which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of diversified clientele.
We render the following spectrum of services:
Audit & Assurance Services
We undertake various audit and assurance services for corporates, Government Bodies and Banks covering

Statutory Audit
Carrying out audit of companies in accordance with the provisions of Companies Act and other applicable Statutes and in compliance with Accounting Standards, Standard Auditing Practices and Guidance Notes issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Internal Audit
Involves in -depth periodic verification of various operations of an enterprise for the review of accounting system and related internal controls and evaluating the effectiveness of such controls to ensure an error free running of the business systems and suggesting improvement.

Information Systems Audit
Encompasses the review and evaluation of all aspects (or any portion) of automated information processing systems, including related non-automated processes, and the interfaces between them.

Concurrent Audit
Carrying out systematic and timely examination on an ongoing basis to ensure accuracy, authenticity, compliance with procedures and guidelines.

Tax Audit
Auditing the accounts of the company in accordance with the specified provisions of the Income tax laws of India and providing disclosures of relevant information in specified formats.

Stock cum Receivables Audit
Undertaking audit of inventory and book debts of an organization on behalf of banks or financial institutions with the objective of verification and valuation of inventory, ascertaining recoverability of book debts and evaluation of drawing power of the organization.

Special Purpose Audit
Management Audits: Audits requested by the management from time to time viz. reviewing special purpose accounts, etc.
Operational Audits: Analysis of transaction flows in business operations viz. inventory, finance, receivables etc.
Investigation Audits: Audits carried out at the request of the management to investigate issues like suspected fraud. Also known as Forensic Audit.
Tax Practice

Taxation service rendered by us encompasses services rendered for Direct taxes, Indirect taxes.

Direct Taxes
Assistance in availing benefits, exemptions, rebates, reliefs and deductions to minimize the incidence of tax.
Provide expert opinion on various complex and litigative tax issues to clients.
Representation before Assessing officer, Appellate authority and Tribunal for Individuals, Corporates, Non-corporate bodies, NRI’s and Overseas bodies.
Undertake a study to evaluate status of compliance with relevant statutes & appraise on exposure to risks, both domestic & Foreign tax laws.

Indirect Taxes
Services rendered under indirect taxes include services for…

Sales Tax
Advice on the applicability and levy of Central and State Sales tax laws.
Assistance in the structuring of transactions and agreements in relation to inter-state and intra-state sales in order to minimise tax incidence.
Representation before Assessing Authorities
Service Tax
Advice regarding not only applicability of tax but also procedural compliances such as registration, assessments.
Reviewing contracts and agreements to assist clients to reduce the incidence of service tax.
Representation before Assessing Authorities
Customs and Excise Duty
Advice relating to various issues of custom law and regulations covering rates of duties, exemptions etc.
Facilitates clients by providing expert advice to avail all possible tax exemptions and benefits.
Representation before Assessing Authorities
Company Law Advisory

We provide advice on various issues pertaining to Company law. The services offered include…

Company Formation
We provide services for formation of a company including promotion, registration and flotation activities. Promotion services include preliminary steps taken for the purpose of registration and flotation. Registration services involve registering the memorandum of the company, articles of association and other agreements with the ROC. Flotation services involve raising the capital to commence business.

Secretarial Services
Reviewing compliance with all the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 like maintenance of statutory records, filing of requisite documents with ROC etc.

Advisory Services
We provide advice on issues regarding company law matters, IPO’s, ADR/GDR issues etc.

We also represent before Registrar of Companies and Company Law Board.

XBRL Conversion Services (US)

As per US law, registrants adopting the U.S. GAAP and foreign private issuers preparing their financial statements in accordance with IFRS as issued by the IASB are required to file 10Q and10K to SEC under uniform interactive data filing in XBRL format. Akasam is engaged in XBRL conversions of 10K & 10Q (Level1 to Level4) documents for uploading to SEC.

The firm will create the "Instance Documents" through appropriate software in XBRL format which includes

. Block Tagging(Level 1)
. Detailed Mapping, Detailed Tagging and Testing(Level II-IV)

The team comprises of 6 semi qualified professionals headed by a qualified CA & CPA.

Financial Advisory Services

The financial advisory services rendered by us for various clientele include:

Monitoring of Fund Management and Fund Requirement
We anticipate the fund requirements of clientele for conducting their operations smoothly. We also help clients in monitoring their funds.

Sourcing of Investors/Lenders
We assist clients in not only anticipating fund requirement but also availing the funds at cost effective rate there by pruning down the cost of borrowing.

Financial Feasibility Studies
We conduct financial feasibility studies enabling our clients to explore various opportunities and stride ahead to take rightful place in global arena.

Corporate Debt Restructuring
We assist clients in determining their capital structure by providing advice on the proportion of equity and debt thereby reducing the cost of capital of the organization.

Business Advisory Services

The various Business Advisory services rendered by us include…

Viability Studies
In today’s business world globalization is not an option but an imperative. We with our cognizance and experience continuously scout for opportunities facilitating clients to explore the possibility of foraying into new ventures and make a mark globally.

Valuation of Enterprise
With mergers, acquisitions and alliances gaining significance, accurate valuation of business is crucial in contemporary business. We offer various business valuation services like:

Valuation of Personal assets
Analysis of Personal Income
Income Tax Matters
Divestiture of all or a partial interest in a business
Income Tax Compliance

Due Diligence Studies
The results of due diligence works are crucial in negotiations, consideration, indemnities etc. We offer exhaustive due diligence services encompassing:

Detailed review of business for acquisition
Specific study of the area of business- trade agreements, royalty contracts
Review tax positions for contingent liabilities

Mergers and Acquisitions
In contemporary business environment mergers and acquisitions have gained immense importance. We offer the required advice and the following spectrum of services:

Advice on corporate reorganization
Investigation & report
Negotiation with target/prospective buyers
Advising on Income Tax & Corporate Law Matters involved on Mergers and Acquisitions

Export & Import Consulting
Globalisation of operations is imperative in contemporary business, we help clients to leverage their core strengths and make a mark globally by providing advice on foreign trade. We also provide FEMA & RBI advisory services regarding foreign exchange regulations and matters with Reserve Bank. We also provide the following array of services:

Market Development Assistance grants from Ministry of Commerce
Advice on participation in fairs/exhibitions, Sales tour/ Publicity
Guidance regarding the regulations for import of any item into India.
Advice on getting the maximum incentive/benefits available on exports of products from India.

Investment Counseling
We assist clients in their investment plans by providing advice considering their risk and return perceptions facilitating them to make timely, prudent investments.

Pay Roll Processing
In India payroll is linked with income-tax as there are many tax compliances involved. The firm provides the following payroll services:
Advice on payroll related systems
Computation and payment of employee tax liability
Advice on Employee Stock Options (ESOPs), restricted share awards and other share incentives.
Assistance in Profession Tax and Provident fund compliances
Assisting employers in establishing schemes that best motivates and rewards their employees.

Risk Assessment
Minimising risk is one of the crucial aspects in the success of modern-day business operations. We anticipate the risks involved in various transactions and also provide solutions enabling the clients to be proactive, which is vital in existing competitive environment. The services offered include assessment and diminishing of-

Credit risk
Legal & Statutory risk
Price risk

Market Research
Market research enables an organization in knowing competitors and industry data facilitating it to analyse its market better and take pertinent decisions to succeed. The market research services rendered by us encompass:

Developing questionnaire
Collection & Tabulation of data
Analyse and report the data collected
Make short-term and long-term forecasts

Regulatory Approvals
We assist in processing Government clearances for companies entering Indian market. We also help in getting regulatory approvals from FIPB, SIA, RBI, ROC, STPI & other concerned authorities.

NRI Services
We offer a comprehensive range of services to NRIs enabling them to have control over their activities in spite of being abroad. We assist them to

Managing their portfolios
Managing their tax returns
Complying with statutory obligations
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